How Do I Find The Value Of My Baseball Cards


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I have some baseball card how can I see what there are worth and how to sale them
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I have1990 topps baseball cards the complete set 792 picture cards how much are they worth
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Hey avecna,this is Iamlegend. you can go to Toy's Ru's and buy a Becketts baseball book. This should have the price of your card and others.You can also try your local flea market.They usually have big collectors there that would probably know how much your card is.I hope my answer helped.You can leave a message in my shout out box letting me know if I was any help.-Iamlegend
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Ken Griffy sr card worth
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I have lots of baseball card that are in the 1900
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The average price of this Doug Jenning topps card price is $25 to $30 so if you want to sale your card you can bid it for sale. You can view more prices at this link.
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There are some online websites that are made to provide baseball card values so you can check those to find any value of your baseball card so you can check this website to get value of your card.

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