What's The Value Of A E.PLURIBUS.UNUM 1921 Silverdollar?


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It depends on a lot of things such as whether it is a Peace silver dollar or a Morgan silver dollar, and the condition of it, too. Many people believe that the Morgan dollar is the more valuable because they are older, but in fact, it is the Peace dollar that is more valuable because they are rarer. To get a true value of your coin you should take it to a reputable coin dealer.

Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 until 1904, and then again in 1921, with the Peace dollar being minted in 1921 as well. There were more than 86 million Morgans as opposed to an original mintage of just over a million for the Peace dollar.

There have been many instances when the coins have been melted down, so the actual figures for those that have survived is much less than the above figures, but the Morgan is still far more plentiful, and, therefore, less valuable.

It has been estimated that there are less than 10 per cent of the original mintage Peace dollars in existence, and for later mintage dates the figure could be as few as 5%. An uncirculated (in mint condition, therefore) 1928 Peace dollar could fetch anything between $500 to $720, though if you were to sell using somewhere like eBay, you may find that Morgans are getting a higher price than Peace dollars because of the already mentioned misconception of value.

Be aware, if you are thinking of buying a Peace or a Morgan dollar, that there were no Peace dollars minted in proof condition, so if you are offered one you know that it has been tampered with. Even if it is offered as proof-like, it will have been polished or dipped, which means that its value is greatly diminished. Although there were proof Morgans, the raised features of Liberty’s head and the eagle’s feathers and wings should have a frosty finish; if they are shiny, they too have been polished or dipped.
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There were two types of silver dollars made in 1921, the Morgan Dollar and the Peace Dollar, I believe you have the Morgan Dollar (there wasn't enough detail). Its value depends on a number of things such as its condition, mintmarks (if any), etc. Your coin is probably worth about $14, but I need to see it to give you an exact appraisal.

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