I Have A Ball Mason Jar, With Patent, Nov. 30 1858, On Bottom 174, Blueish-green. How Can I Find Out Its Value?


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You can find out the value of your Ball Mason jar in a number of ways - you could do some internet research; you could look in publications that are dedicated to antiques, such as Miller Guides; or you could take it to an auction house or antique dealer. Of course, any valuation is going to take into consideration the condition of the Ball Mason jar. Jars that have the Patent, November 30, 1858 were made in their thousands up until 1900, so are the ones more likely to be found.

Mason jars are glass jars used to preserve food; they are also called Ball jars after Ball Corp, an early manufacturer of these types of jars. Antique Mason jars are popular items amongst collectors and are sold in almost every available way, including auction sites like eBay. The value is dictated by its rarity, age and condition and while the majority of them only get a few dollars, there are some that have been known to fetch $30,000.

The colour, shape, mould, production marks and closure are all determining factors when it comes to the age and rarity of a mason jar. Coloured jars were thought to be better for canning purposes because the lack of light helps to retain flavour and nutritional value for longer than clear glass jars. The majority of antique jars that are not clear glass are some shade of aqua, particularly ‘Ball blue’ which is a direct reference to the manufacturer.

More rare jars are amber and dark green, though there are even more rare models, too. These include cobalt blues, blacks and milk glass. If you are looking to buy a Bell Mason jar, be careful - there are some dealers who are not irradiating jars to produce colours that are not original.
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If there are no chips or cracks in it you could get as much as $15 for it. The blue tinged glass is no longer produced. If you have the original cover that fits snugly on it, you could receive about another $10 on top of the $15. The best place, I find, to look for pricing is eBay. Just type it in and you can see what such others are selling for. Good luck
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I have a mason jar with patent nov 30 1858 on bottom it says nov 26 pat g7 in middle 188 but on side its nov pat. 1858 thanks what is it worth? Barry
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As long as it's in good condition with all the components, you can get some good coin for this jar.

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