How Much Is A Old R1 Coin?


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The best way to find an appropriate value for your coin is to visit a coin specialist, also known as a numismatist as they will be in the best position. However, you could also try visiting sites like eBay where similar items can be found, by checking both running and finished auctions, you can gain a rough idea of the value ranges.

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In order to gain an accurate estimation of the coin's worth, a number of factors need to be taken into account, namely:
  • Age of the coin
  • Condition of the coin

The age of the coin should be easily determined as it should have the date stamped somewhere on the coin, either the rim or the 'heads' side of the coin. If you cannot find it, perhaps because it has been rubbed off over time, then this would suggest that the coin is not in particularly good condition.

The condition can be determined by the legibility of the writing and the sheen of the metal.

The older the coin is, and the better condition it is in, will obviously garner a higher asking price. If you have a coin dating from circa 1880, in a respectable condition, you could hope to obtain over $20, again this price will be dependent on the amount of wear etc. On the coin.

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