20 Pence Coin 1704-2004 what is it worth?


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All regular 20 pence coins are worth 20 pence. Firstly, it should be noted that 20 pence coins were first issued in 1982, and therefore none existed before this date. As even the oldest 20 pence coins are only 29 years old, they do not hold any sort of antique value. The coins are therefore worth their face value: 20 pence.

• Rare 20 pence coins

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about a number of 20 pence coins issued when the coins were redesigned. These coins were, due to an error, issued without a date. It is believed there are thousands of dateless 20 pence coins now in circulation. Those who have discovered they are in the ownership of one of these rare coins have gone on to sell them at high prices. Allegedly, some have been sold for thousands of pounds. A more realistic value for these rare 20 pence coins would be two to three hundred pounds. Remember to check all the 20 pence coins you receive, as many are still out there up for grabs. Any 20 pence coin you find without a date could be worth a lot of money on the coin market.

• How to sell a rare 20 pence coin

If you are lucky enough to find a rare 20 pence coin, you are probably going to want to sell it on, unless you are a coin collector. One easy way in which to do this is by using the popular online auction website E-bay. E-bay is relatively cheap to use, considering it gives you access to the worldwide market. Those in search of rare 20 pence coins are sure to check the site for items to bid on. Alternatively, you could consult a coin dealer or collector, who may be willing to enter into negotiations with you.

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