What is this coin worth silver with BURG-CO-TYR-1780-X?


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If a coin is stamped with BURG-CO-TYR-17880-X , and it is a genuine and authentic Maria Theresa Thaler (MTT), it was minted in the 16th century, to honor its namesake Austrian empress. Today, these coins, which were used in Austria, Bohemia, and Hungary, are worth about €27,000.00. However, to get this sort of resale value for your rare coin, it must be an original coin, and not a restrike. There were two strikings of this particular design of coin; and one is far more valuable than the other. To determine which coin type is truly worth a lot of money, you must know that your Maria Theresa Thaler was minted during the initial 1780 Prague strike. Other types of MTT coins will generally fetch about 20 dollars in coin-trading circles, or at auction online.

More Fun Facts About Rare Coins

• Learning about rare, collectible, and valuable coins can be an interesting way to start a new hobby. Many people inherit rare coins, or find them in unexpected places, such as yard sales or junk auctions.
• Sometime, modern antique coin hunters will bid on storage lockers without knowing their exact contents; often, they hope to stumble upon a valuable and forgotten collection of rare and valuable coins.
• For many, finding an original Prague strike BURG-CO-TYR-1780-X coin is simply unlikely; however, there are plenty of other rare coins to be found at flea markets, rare coin dealers, and antique stores.

If you're interested in bidding on or investing in rare coins, such as the MTT, be wary. In general, it takes years of specialized knowledge and skill to know the real from the fake, and there are plenty of clever counterfeits on the market. Sometimes, Internet deals may not be all that they seem. In order to protect yourself, do everything you can to establish the provenance of a coin before you decide to put down any money on one.

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