What Is A 1964 Silver Quarter Roll Worth?


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Ace anonymous answered
Assuming that this is an original $10 roll of 1964 quarters (and not something that you just put together) they are worth between $3 and $10 each (depending upon their mint mark and condition). This means that your entire role is realistically worth somewhere around $120 to potentially somewhere around $400. I suggest that you do NOT open the role until it is time to sell them and that you only sell them to a coin dealer in person. They are worth so much because they are composed of silver instead of base metals. Now selling your coins is just like bargaining. The dealer is likely to offer you a price below their actual value, you just need to start high and come down if he disagrees.
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Well, typically, the more of one coin there is, the lesser the value of the coin. Call a coin collector store, and ask them. Hope this helps.

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