What's The Value Of An 1847 Copper US Penny?


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Currently, 1847 'Braided Hair' copper United States penny are being sold on the internet for anything between ten and 60 dollars. Their value will depend on the condition that they are in and whether the coins have an anomalies or misprints. The latter will sell for a lot more money. It has been suggested that some rarer 1847 cents have been sold for anything between 800 and 400,000 dollars. How accurate this information is, is debatable. These particular coins were coined by a mint employee after the cents had been discontinued and only a dozen of them are said to remain. For an accurate valuation of a specific coin it is best to have it looked at by a coin dealer. Wherever possible, consult the knowledge of more than one coin dealer in order to get an average price.

The Braided Hair cent was the second in the Coronet cent series. Minted between 1839 and 1857, the Braided Hair cents were designed to replace their former coins the Matron Head coins. The Matron Heads faced a public negative reaction (these coins had in fact replaced the Classic Head cents, which the public didn't like) and were replaced by the Braided Hair. These coins were designed by Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht. They had the last major change to the coin and the obverse was altered to give Liberty a more youthful appearance and a slimmer figure. Throughout 1843 there were some minor changes made to the coin but from 1843 through to 1857 the coin was minted in exactly the same way.

The normal Braided Hair copper cents are unlikely to fetch more than 60 dollars at auction but it is still worth having the coin valuated to see exactly how much it could be sold for.
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