I Have A 5 Cent Piece Made Of Copper Instead Of Nickel. The Date Is 1964. How Much Is It Worth?


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Go to a coin collector's shop, and talk to them about it, then if you have one in your area, a minting shop. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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I have never heard of any error coins of this type.
Possibly someone has removed the outer metal coating leaving the base copper untouched ?
I agree with the 2nd answer, take it to a reputable coin shop and ask their opinion.
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I have taken it to a coin shop and they had never seen one and put it in plastic. They told me it was a fraction less wt of a nickel.
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I have the same problem. I have a copper nickle and I don't know if its worth anything. I would say to take it to the bank or someone that checks those & see what they say. Thats what I'm doing! Because this is rare shit right here!
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You could see if you can find one like it on ebay to see what they are going for

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