Does Sterling Silver Have Any Nickel Contents?


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In the general scenario, sterling silver has no nickel content. Its constitution is made up of two materials namely silver (which has a content of 92.5 percent) and copper (which has the remaining 7.5 percent). In many cases, people tend to have an allergy with sterling steel. Nevertheless it is not actually the sterling steel but the impurities that cause that allergy.

Otherwise in the case of pure sterling silver, there is no case of allergies. Many people, in the desire to save a few bucks, choose to buy inexpensive sterling silver. This cheaper version of sterling silver has more or less a pollution of impure substances that are not originally part of the sterling silver and are only added to it to increase the weight of the sterling silver. Out of the array of such outside substances, nickel is one important one, which is often added to sterling silver to increase its weight.
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The short answer is Sterling Silver can contain nickel.Fine silver is soft, and not strong enough to allow jewelery made with it to keep it's original shape over time, it also scratches more easily. Many people prefer the strength and durability of Sterling. Sterling silver is an alloy containing 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% either copper, zinc or nickel. Most Sterling is made with fine silver and copper, but can contain trace amounts of nickel. Even though the Sterling is stamped 925 that only shows the fine silver content. The other 7.5% can be copper, tin, boron, lithium, germanium, zinc, platinum, indium or nickel.I'm a Jewelery Artisan and have inquired to my suppliers about nickel content in Sterling silver, 10K - 18K gold and brass, since I have new clients that are allergic to nickel. Unfortunately they have had difficulty getting the exact information. However manufacturers have been phasing out the use of nickel, and have started using more expensive substitutes such as germanium (for Argentium silver) or platinum. In the next several years nickel will be phased out of jewelery metals altogether.The trace amounts of nickel can be small enough that some people who are allergic to nickel can wear it without any effects. If you have a moderate to serious nickel contact allergy your best bet is to purchase jewelery made with new Sterling silver, since it will contain only fine silver and copper, or specifically Argentium silver which is fine silver and germanium. Though most contact metal allergies are from nickel, it is possible to be allergic to silver. A relatively small number of people are, and can only wear jewelery made with Platinum or stainless steel.

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