How Do You Use A Skateboard?


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To start with be sure that you have all of these. First the skateboard. Next you will need a pair of comfortable shoes, you can try and wear your usual shoes but it is best you pick up ones that are mean for skate boarding. Next you need a helmet I known you are going to feel complete stupid in it but since it is just the beginning so you may have the tendency to keep falling. It is all just for your safety. And those forget those protective pads.

Now try and get comfortable with the skate board by just playing around with it. Now you need to decide which position is comfortable, is it with the right foot in the front or the left foot in the front. After deciding on the position that you wish for with the back leg down push the skate board. Now your next step is to learn how to stop the skateboard. It will need a little practice but try and put the heel of your back foot onto the ground. Now lean a little backward so that the front portion of the board flies up into the air. Now very slowly step downward on your heel, but at this time it is necessary that your front foot is still stuck to the board. These are just a few traits that you can keep practicing.
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A skateboard is made up of 3 parts- the deck (the board itself), the trucks (the apparatus to which wheels are connected) and the wheels. If you are an amateur, get a shorter deck because it is easy to balance and handle. Inspect your skateboard before hitching a ride. Check for slippery top surface, wheels with crack and nicks, sharp edges, broken parts etc. If you see any of them, see that a professional rectifies the problem.

It is essential to know how to stop the skateboard well. Learn how to slow down, how to turn well and the basics of skateboarding. An important tip to make note of while losing your balance, is to squat down on the skateboard so that you don't have a bad fall. Land on your butt, rather than your arms and knees, wear protective gear like a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads and shoes are very important. Use the skateboard on a smooth roadway or a skate park, and not on areas which are traffic prone. Do not use the skateboard in dark or crowded areas.
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The first step in learning how to skate is to put on a pair of roller skates or roller blades. While roller skates have two wheels each in the front and at the back, roller blades are basically a pair of shoes on a row of four wheels.

It is most important to learn how to balance in a pair of roller skates or roller blades. Most beginners lose their balance and fall when they are learning to skate. Gradually skaters learn to balance, stand up and become proficient at skating with constant practice over a period of time.

The best skater is one who is able to adapt to the surface, irrespective of whether he or she is skating on the road (on which the friction is heavy) or at a slippery ice-skating rink.
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Just hop on it and practice. It's like anything else in this world - you won't just magically get good over night. Practice makes perfect.

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By put in one foot on the board and the other 2 push you self and that sugar honey iced tea in ma easy

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