How Do I Turn On A Skateboard? I'm Leaning On A Side, But It Doesn't Turn!


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Actually the solution to your problem is the fact that your trucks are too tight or are of a low quality. If the trucks are too tight the wheels fail to change direction when you lean on a side of the board.

Get yourself a trusty 'skate wrench' so that you can adjust the trucks accordingly. You need to loosen the main bolt which hold the wheel axle part on.

Some skaters prefer looser trucks than others. If you have the truck too loose then it'll be too hard to stay on the board!

It could also be that the rubbers aren't soft enough. The rubber part between the truck and truck bolt also needs to be of a good quality. The rubber helps the wheel axle to return to the align with the board after you've stopped applying pressure on one side.

Leaning isn't the only way to turn. Leaning only makes the board change direction slightly. To do full turns you'll need to push down on the rear of the board to lift your front wheels and then use you front leg to decide which direction you wish to go. You don't to lift the front wheels much. Just enough to be able to change the direction. After plenty of practise you'll soon be 'tacking' your way around the skate park / streets with ease.
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A skateboard consists of a board made of wood or composite material with wheels on the bottom; a set towards the front and another towards the back. A person is propelled by pushing oneself forward by using ones foot. There are several ways in which a person can change his or her direction. Gentle turns can be made by the application of weight and pressure to the feet in the direction one wishes to go. In this way the direction of the board can be manipulated by using ones body mass. Another method is to use one foot for applying pressure to the ground to slightly turn the board while the other rests firmly on the board. A final method is to turn the board by putting more weight on the rear foot, raising the front of the board and using ones feet to turn the direction of the board.
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Look where you are going! :-p the same concept applies to most board sports..... I have taught friends to snowboard and this tends to be the main reason they aren't able to turn. When you look in the direction you want to go you twist your body in that direction, this seriously improves how fast you turn, as well as tilting the board in that direction. Another thing that might be causing the problem is keeping your legs too straight, there's a reason boarders wear baggy jeans, bent knees mean more control, more control means easier turns! Good luck.
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On the bottom of the skateboard there's trucks and there is a big nut and you loosen till when you lean the skateboard tilts and you lean and it will work.

ps. Don't loosen to much where when you lean it flips over.

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