How To Keep Skateboard In Good Shape?


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Following are five tips that will help in keeping the skateboard in good shape.

• The Deck
The deck will normally obtain plenty of mistreatment but some times need replacement. To avoid the replacement of deck then make sure that deck is dry all the time. Wooden decks if wet then will distort and develop cracks. And in such conditions it will be better to replace it.

• The Grip Tape
Keep on checking the state of grip tape. Try to keep it clean as much as possible. Use a hard hair brush to take off the dirt that is trapped in the tape. Use water and dry the board immediately. If the tape is in bad condition and it's not possible to remove the old tape then use blow dryer to warm the tape so that it will be removed easily and replace it with new tape.

• The Truck Mounting
The wheel mountings should be checked frequently. Make sure that skateboard's nuts and bolts are tight. Be alert not to more tighten these parts. Also make sure to check the pivot caps and rubber bushings for deterioration. These parts are mistreatment and they often might need replacement.

• The Wheels and Bearings
Ensure that the skateboard wheels accurately tightened. Check the wheels and make sure that they are level and smooth, if not then replace it immediately. If wheels are not moving freely then clean or change the bearing.

• Lubrication
Regularly check that every moving parts of a skateboard are moving fine and freely. If they are not then they might need to lube.

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