They are considering making skateboarding an Olympic sport, do you think this will ruin the culture of skateboarding?


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I think that would be great if it did. 

I'm tired of the "skateboarding culture" ... Bunch of whiney-ass kids or adults without jobs, pushing people around, demanding taxpayers build them parks, paying no attention to traffic laws.

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I personally don't think of skateboarding as a sport. I'm not against skateboarding, I feel the same way about golf, cheer leading and synchronized swimming.

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No, it might make it more main stream. I think that would be great. The great thing about skateboarding is anyone with a board can do it. It keeps kids out of gangs and gives them something productive to do. I personally don't have a problem with something that encourages kids to dream big. Some of our best skaters are the ones who started out just street skating with friends, who became known after posting videos on YouTube.

On a personal note I have a bunch of young men who are skaters in my life. They are a loyal bunch who would help any one in need. I've seen them raise money for the homeless in their parks and help younger kids with skating and homework. Sure, your going to have some jerks in the bunch. But over all I've never met a kinder group of people.

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dragonfly forty-six
Luckily, being Southern California I've had the pleasure of being part of skateboarding in its infancy. I was in San Diego in the 70's. That was tame compared to what they do now. I have a deep respect for skateboarding as a sport. Watching someone do something thought impossible is beauty and Art to me. Tony Hawk did a 900 the other day. He is 48 years old. If interested, Virginia check out any Street League final on YouTube. It's truly beautiful what they can do on a piece of wood with 4 wheels.
Virginia Lou
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Going to YouTube now, Dragonfly...
Virginia Lou
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Watched the first ten minutes of the Street League Final in Austin, and yes I am convinced certainly should be an Olympic sport.

Their skill seems to be a combination of gymnastics and ice and art, indeed.
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they had bicycle motocross in japan so why not. When they have dominoes or poker we will have to let some players out of prison to ne on team usa

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