What Are The Types Of Skateboard Tricks?


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A 360 trick an ollie and a Manuel are the first tricks I learned, but then I moved on to more complex stuff like an ollie impossible.

I haven't been down the quarter pipe for a while, so most of the tricks I know are ground-based, but here's a pretty cool clip that covers some of the advanced tricks I'm learning at the moment like a varial flip and others!

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There are different types of skateboard tricks but some of them are as follows:

1. To turn: for this bend over on the side were wanted to turn but don't bend too much from where the wheels turn up.

2. Manual Front: for this bend on the front side of the skateboard while going. This will lift the back wheels and the back portion of the skateboard stay up in the air while the skateboard keeps on going.

3. Fakie Rock and Roll: for this bend on the back and the front and settle on the upper part of the ramp.

4. Walk the dog: for this just place one foot on the back and the other foot on the front and try to step on each end and move like a walking dog.

5. 360: in this trick put one foot on the back edge of the skateboard and the other foot at the middle now turn around while the front side of the skateboard is staying up and then rotate in a full circle.

6. Heel Flip: jump, if not a ramp, and force downward on a side and jump up without the skateboard and ensure it is flipping after that firmly land on the board.

7. Ollie: for this trick step on the back of the board and at the same time jump by doing so skateboard will bond to the feet.

NOTE: before doing all these trick must wear the safety equipment like hip pads, elbow pads, helmet, knee pads, gloves, wrist guards and so on.
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There are no types of skateboard tricks. You just named a bunch of tricks. Theres different types of stuff you can skate and that is Street likes steps and ledges. And there is Vert like big Quarter Pipes and Big 13 foot Half pipes. And i guess you can add in park like step-ups and hips and roll ins and other stuff like that, that you can only find in a skate park.

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