What Are Some Of The Top Bmx Brands That Are Light Weight And Are Good For Doing Tricks?


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I've been a BMX fan since I was like 7 or 8, and so far these are the best brands I've come across:
  • Sunday
  • Kink
  • Fit
  • Eastern
  • We the people
I think BMX is one of those sports where your gear and equipment really matters. I mean, you won't be an amazing rider just because you have a badass bike, but having the right set-up can help when learning, and then you will have the best chance of developing your skills and BMX techniques.
I think it also depends what kind of style you want to ride: flatland, street etc...
If you'd like to learn more, I'd suggest checking out this guide on how to choose a BMX bike:

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Haro or gt and Lamborghini

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