Where Do You Skateboard When It Rains?


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Skateboarding when it rains is pretty difficult. Not only is it really slippery (so quite unsafe), but also skating with rain-protective clothing is kinda restrictive, so your choices are skate while feeling uncomfortable, or get wet!

But if you live near an indoor skate park, then the rain can't stop you from skating. 
And if your local shopping mall doesn't mind skaters, then that would be even cooler because you could hang out with people too, but NO WAY would the mall guards let you skate indoors (even though in the Tony Hawkes game it has levels where you can.. how unrealistic is that?)
And these days, it seems like everybody hates skaters.
Have you seen the report where heavy metal singer Rob Zombie complained about kids making noise in a skatepark near his house?
I mean, come on! This guy is a heavy metal singer for Pete's sake!

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An indoor skate park is the most common one although you mostly have to pay and it could be a bit crowded with the street skaters since its wet
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I Don't Do Anything That Would Result In The Breakage Of Patella.. Pelvis ..Tail Bone ..Cranium.. But I Believe That They Have Indoor Skate Parks.. If I Did Skate I'd Do It In The Rain.. I Love To Get Soaking Wet.. Then I Would Be Skatin In The Rain Instead Of Singin In The Rain..  Too Bad People Couldn't Be Made Of Rubber Then I'd Skateboard.. I'd Do Doughnuts ..,All The Time.. On The Freeway
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At tyler's house!
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If I wanted to skateboard while it was raining, like it is right now, I would use my treadmill, which is on my enclosed patio.

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