How Do I Ride A Skateboard Without Falling Off?


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Basically, all you need to do is- put your skateboard on some grass, and just stand on it. Learn to place your front and back foot over the bolts. Then once you can do this, put on SAFETY GEAR, like Helmet, knee pads e.t.c and then resume what you did on the grass (putting feet over the bolts) then take your back foot, and push GENTLY off and get back into your stance. Just keep doing this repeatedly and in about 20mins or so, you will be able to cruise in a straight line ^^ I do recommend watching youtube tutorials on how to fall though, but basically don't put your arms straight in front of you :) I hope I was a help for you
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First of all you need to find flat concrete which is away from cars. You should then place one foot on front of the board and gently push off with your other foot and place it on back of the board. The board will slip out from under you a number of time but that is normal. It will keep happening until you will balance on the board while in motion. Good luck
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Skating without falling off is all about two things: Balance and practice.

Things to remember are:

- You will be moving sideways.

- You'll need to work out which foot you feel most comfortable to lead with.

- Foot placement on the board is super important

- The wider apart your feet are, the more balanced you'll be (due to a lower center of gravity)

All of this will make more sense when you actually see how someone does it. So here's a neat little tutorial from a sponsored pro skater that should help you get up and skating in no time!

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