What is your opinion on female Boxers?


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Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
Well It's Not Right For Anyone To Box.. It's Violent....  People Get Brain Damage..
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
If you mean Boxers the breed of dog then it would be positive. I have never been around a female boxer but the males all seemed to be great dogs, very loyal. ...If you are talking about George Foreman's daughter then I say if that is what she wants to do then good for her. I am not a big boxing fan. Generally,  I would not spend money on a pay per view event, but for those who wish to compete in this rather extreme sport I wish them well... Male or female.
Audrey Chadwick Profile
Audrey Chadwick answered
My opinion of female boxers is good for them! :) usually men only think they cab do athletic stuff but, women have proved them wrong! It's their lives and if that's what the want to do good for them!
joey shu Profile
joey shu answered
Boxers are alright but should have head protection at all bouts, pro or otherwise and that goes for both men and women
Doo Koo Profile
Doo Koo answered

At one time or another women (and basically any non-white, non-male) in even the most advanced Western societies were prohibited from voting, running for political office, participating in sports of any kind, etc. Isn't it about time we were all past these types of questions?

Richard Lam Profile
Richard Lam answered
Well it's if they are good at boxing you shouldn't judge a female saying she can't box however boxing is dangerous which is usually for people who's advanced at it or right for it

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