Should Skateboarding On Sidewalks Be Banned?


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Carlos P answered

Should skateboards be banned in any shape or form? I'd say no!
Obviously there are places that skaters shouldn't go into, like really busy pedestrian places or where is likely to be little kids and stuff....

But people need to understand there's a difference between a large group of skaters hanging around one area practicing tricks, and skaters that use their board to get around.

I agree with red eagle. Plus people use skateboarding as transportation you can't just take away that right.

What about cars?

They are way more dangerous and cause loads more problems like pollution, noise etc... why don't we ban them instead?

The problem is skaters get such a bad wrap, it's city councillors etc that have no idea about the concept of skateboarding, and just associate us all with "Bart Simpson", that there's no-one in power working on our side!

If you want to see just how unfairly skaters are treated, have a look at this video showing cops arresting skaters even though bikers are performing dangerous stunts on the same street!

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If that happened then they would have to skateboard on the streets. Banning skateboarding on the sidewalks would just create a more bigger stakeboarding problem.
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No it should not because its a way of transportation banning skateboarding on side walks would be like banning bikes on side walks.

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