How Do I Know How Much A Coin Error Is Worth?


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Its value depends on how deep the cuts are, the condition of the coin, where you try to sell it, and when you try to sell it. For your particular coin I would only try to sell to a coin dealer for the most amount of money and I would expect that it would go from $10 to $20, but since I can't see it and your description wasn't clear enough that is only a rough estimate.
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Go to yahoo Coins and Currency category, under hobbies >>> then collecting. You will find lots of sites covering the art of coin collecting, and many sub-categories. In subcategory "Companies", you will find coin universe. This site offers price guidelines. Your dime could worth from 10 dollar to 100 dollar.
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Someone already answered your question, but I will too. You should go to that website, or a have a trained local auctioneer like Ken Farmer(Virginia) appraise it. They might could give you an estimate. Typo coins are usually worth somewhere in the thousands or maybe very high hundreds.

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