What Treasure Hunt Games Are There For Adults?


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There are also online treasure hunts made for adults, such as
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There are numerous treasure hunt games both for children and grown up. These games can be played inside as well as out side. In these games player's tries to find the hidden treasure which is not known by any one and players tries to find that treasure with the help of some clues either describe in written form or in graphical form like pictures, symbols and so on. In some games these clues are not given and one has to find the treasure by applying his own logic.

Games for Adult:
Geocaching: this game is for adult. It is an outdoor game in which players use a GPS (global positioning system) receiver or any other technique for hide and seek geocaches anyplace in the world.

Letterboxing: is another outdoor treasure hunt game. In this, players use combination art, problem solving, and elements of orienteering skills. In this game small boxes are hidden in public accessible places and clues about the boxes are given in hard copy form, on different website or through word of mouth. These boxes enclose rubber stamp or books.

Now this game is also played at corporate level for environment and team building purposes. These games are used where managers recognize that inter-departmental links or relation or moral of employees needs to be improved.

Cd's: there are many indoor treasure hunt games on CD's available in the market. In which players have to find different objects, places, location according to clues present in the story of that particular game.
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You can find lots of ebooks and power point files about treasure hunt at :   just search and download

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