How To Make Treasure Hunt Game?


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Prize or treasure should be places at a preprogram place. In this game clues are made in form of picture or text to reach the place where the treasure really is. The picture or text will show or describe the location of second clue; second clue will describe or show the third location and so on until the last picture or text shows the location of treasure where the treasure is actually placed. The player who reaches at the place where the treasure is actually placed will get the reward.

The clues in treasure hunt game can be as many and as long as one want to. There can be as many as 10 to 15 clues (mixture of picture and text clues) or as few as 4 to 5. Treasure hunt clues can be indoor clues or outdoor clues or arrangement of both indoor and outdoor clues. These clues can be places in some number of miles or few hundred feet. These clues can be made attractive by adding emotions like "aha", "wow", "gou you now", "yuho", "yahoo", "I got it" and so on. The clues may also ask for internet surfing.

It is an excellent game to play which involves judgement, logic, inspiration, creativity, mystery, and the pleasure to reach the conclusion in order to solve the mystery.

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