What Are The Tips For Doing Treasure Hunt Game In Public Parks?


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Tips for Treasure Hunt Games in Parks

Parks are great places to play treasure hunts. Following are some tips that should be kept in mind while conducting a treasure hunt in the public park:

• Make certain that no one (from the participants) should see you while hiding the clue, object or treasure.
• First find out the park timing when it opens and when it closes
• Keep a track of grass shower (sprinklers) where are they placed and at what time they run because in many parks sprinklers runs at night. And if you don't keep this in mind then next morning you will find damp and wet scraps nothing else.
• While hiding a clue try to place a rock or heavy material on them so that they clues wont fly away.
• Be careful of carnivals, fairs and festivals. Some times these events take place without any warning. So first check whether these kinds of events can take place or not.
• Don't place your clues in the restricted or reserved areas of the park.
• The sequence of the clue should be maintained and check when they are placed at the right place.
• The places should be investigated keeping the above mentioned points.

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