How do real ninjas carry their stars?


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Yeah, hooked onto their belt -- a non-rip belt (thick), and I think the stars have little holders for them or retract the sharp edges as to not hurt the ninja. Common
sense wins out. But not all ninjas use "stars." I have this book on ninjas that was written by a real ninja master who was taught in Japan. Stars aren't always the case...but are cool. :)
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Inside sash or cloth belt
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I am a ninja and im in training...and my trainer says tht this is a private and hidden thing tht no NORMAL folks should know about..and by the wayy all of you are wrong 8)
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Nawt- i have trained students in the art of concealment for decades(nawt ! : ) ) so i know they go inside your sleeve on your throwing star forearm band made specifically to hold the stars.hahahahahaha. : )
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Inside their sleeve as they flip their wrist and reach inside they can then flip one out with the other it looks like they pulled the star from thin air/or from a concealed place so they can not be seen. Fhhhwap!thud (guy falling to the ground after a star struck him in the head.(DOh!,honey can you call the doctor to remove a star shaped thingy from my head.homer this is the third time this month you hit yourself with those star thingys).sorry could not resist.hahahahaha.anyway this is my story and i am sticking to

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