How Do You Make Ninja Tabi Boots?


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black socks
black tape  or hot glue gun
pencil, pen or marker
sewing needle and black thread

trace your foot on cardboard leaving a gap between only your big toe and the other one, so don't trace between any other toes with pencil/marker (both feet) twice. Cut out the traced feet. You should have four foot shapes. Two for your left, and two for your right. Anyways.
Place one cardboard foot in one sock, and same for the other. You should have one left foot and one right foot left. Sew the tip of the sock (between the big toe and other). Now place the correctly matching card board to its tabi boot (make sure the card board left foot is together with the other one, same with right) attach to bottom by either hot glue gun, black tape or sewing it on. If you used hot glue, then leave boots to sit for 10-20 min

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