How Do You Make Scoubidous?


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Scoubidou involves lacing several thin and colourful strands of plastic (called scoubidou) together to form different shapes. Different weaving techniques (knots) can be used to form different types of shape.

The Chinese Staircase Stitch is the easiest way you can learn Scoubidou. You will need three color strands of Scoubidou 14 inches long (red, orange and yellow) and one clear (white) Scobby string is important though.

1. Tie the four strands together using a knot but ensure you leave about 1 inches of loose strand above the knot.
2. To make the first stitch, take the clear scoubidou and make a simple loop over the other three scooby strings.
3. Then take the clear string under the other strands, as shown here.
4. Put the end of the clear scooby through the loop and pull towards you.
5. Pull the string tight until the knot is securely fixed against the other three scoubidou strands. First stitch complete!
6. Now we need to begin the second stitch. Again, take the clear scoubidou and make a loop over the other three scooby strands.
7. Then take the clear scoubidou under the other strands.
8. Pull the strand towards you through the loop you have made.
9. Pull the string tight against the other three strands making sure it is directly underneath the first knot you made (not on top of it).
10. Continue this method until the project is 2 - 3 inches long. Notice how the knots follow a spiral pattern.
11. Undo the original knot you made.
12. Separate the four strands as shown, ready to start some Square Stitch which will secure the stitches.
13. After doing about four Scoubidou Square Stitches, finish the end using the Completion Stitch. Then turn the project around and do exactly the same with the other end. Remember to snip the off the excess strands.

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