How To Make Scoobie Knots?


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Making scoobies is an easy thing. And there are many knots and stiches:
1. Square stich
2. Circle stich
3. Chinese staircase stich
4. Triangle stich
5. Heart stich
6. Square and bead stich

The square is basic and the chinese one is the easiest, so lets start with the square one:
Step 1. Tie two scoobie strands together so that they leave 4 ends.
Step 2. The colors should be of two colors. Blue and green , pink and red and so on .
Step 3. Choose any one color for eg blue. Hold the blue string and loop it up upon the green colored string in front of it. Do the same with the other blue string .
Step 4. Now keep holding the looped strands with one hand. Grab a green strand and insert it into the loop opposite to it and not the one to it. Insert the other green strand in the other blue loop.
Step 5. Now pull all four strands so that the inside inserted strings do not come loose. A knot will be made . Now continue doing this act untill you are satisfied with the scoobie shape.

Chinese staircase stich:
Step 1. Tie two different colored strands in a way that when you make a tieing loop , the whole lot can be inserted properly and satisfacrory. [ refer square stich  step 1 ]
step 2. Now tie a regular normal knot with any one string around the three strands.
Step 3. Keep on tieing it so that you get a chinese scoobie made from the inserted strands.
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Chines stair case 2 knot you strings together and then do a do shaped with one of your scoobies then carry on that until yo get to the bottom then knot them at the bottom

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