How Do I Fix A Brio Train?


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Julii Brainard answered
You'll be lucky. Why not just get another?

Use a good quality wood glue to get woody bits back together.  If the engine or coaches have broken into small bits of wooden wheels, you probably have to give up on it.

The magnets are harder to deal with.  You can also glue them back in, but they'll never quite stick as well as original.  They'll tend to come out easily when they try to stick to the magnets on another train.

If you have actually lost bits of the train, you can try to cut down small spare pieces of wood to size, and maybe glue and drill a solution together.

A hobby shop can sell you suitable non-toxic paint for wooden toys.  To the hobby shop bring in the train you're working on to match any pre-existing colours up as well as possible.

The question said "train", but I wonder if it actually meant Brio-compatible train track?  How to repair wooden train tracks.  Still need lots of wood glue.

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