What Are Good Scavenger Hunt Items For A 30th Birthday?


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You could use any type of item for someone's 30th birthday party scavenger hunt game. I'd suggest picking items that the birthday boy/girl is likely to find amusing.

Items associated with the number 30 might also be a good starting-point.

Scavenger hunt items for someone's 30th birthday Any type of item can be used for a scavenger hunt - though obviously you might not want to make them too precious, in case a stranger stumbles along and discovers them by accident.

Anything from a book to a teapot could be used in a scavenger hunt - sometimes the items are linked to the clues in the game, although this isn't always necessary.

One idea would be to have a 'themed' scavenger hunt, where all the items and clues are based around a specific theme.

For example, you could do an X-men inspired scavenger hunt and have Gambit's cards, Wolverine's claws, or Magneto's helmet as some of the items.

In all honesty though, you probably know the person who's celebrating their birthday better than most people - so you should just use that knowledge to give them a scavenger hunt to remember!
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Things that are thirty years old or rhyme with thirty, or finally things that come in thirties or things from the thirties!

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