What Is An Angle In Poker?


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The term angle in poker refers to a technically legal but ethically underhand way of increasing your chance of winning a game. This type of approach is welcomed by some players who see it as another tactic to help improve chances of winning that all poker players should be able to use. Other players believe it ruins the game and the move should be disqualified.

An example of using an angle could be pretending to fold when you are actually about to raise to encourage a call from another player. It could be deliberately misleading the other player. For instance, verbalizing a hand lower than what you have to encourage the other player to call you. In casinos, if this happens and the angler wins, then the dealer and floor manager will decide whether the win is valid or not.

Angling is more common in live poker than online due to the protection of the software, though it could be incorporated into the chat. Although it is not illegal, it is considered unethical and unfair, and will not make you very popular with other players.
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Example of Angle Shooting #1:

Player A bets the river for 100,000. Player B makes a motion with his chips like he wants to call, to which Player A reacts. Player B now has additional information.

Example of Angle Shooting #2:

A player finds pocket aces and says "five" while tossing in a 5,000-chip in the 100/200 level. The dealer notifies the player that saying "five" constitutes a raise to 5,000, and not 500. That player now acts confused, to trick the table into believing he meant to raise to 500. This is technically not against the rules, but it's both unethical and against the spirit of the game.

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