What Is A Turbo Tournament In Poker?


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A turbo tournament is a new generation of tournament for the online poker player. The tournament can be either "sit and go" or "multi table" in format. With the sit and go version, only one table of players is allowed, and once the table is full the tournament begins. The multi table tournament allows many people to play, and when the number of players gets too low they are automatically moved to another table until there is one final table left. The turbo element refers to the blinds structure. To make the tournament more time efficient and the game more exciting, the blind levels go up more rapidly and so this has a dramatic impact on the chip stack. The blinds can reach double and sometimes even treble what they do in regular poker tournaments, especially if they are rebuy tournaments. Turbo tournaments are completed in a shorter space of time and so good for those who have busy schedules.
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From my experience, well in my opinion Turbo tournaments can be difficult to play, much less win. I think the hardest part is adjusting to the faster blinds for in a turbo tournament, the levels are only 3-5 minutes whereas in a non-turbo they’re more like 10 or 15 minutes. 

You think you have time to wait around for a hand and before you know it, poof, your stack had blinded away or the blinds are so high you’re in push/fold mode. Turbo tournaments definitely take some getting used to http://acepokersolutions.com/

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