How Do You Play Poker?


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There are numerous ways to learn poker if you are interested in the game and prime among them is to contact somebody who knows the game well. Even if you have no idea about such person, you do not need to worry as you are living in the era of internet where information is available at the click of the mouse.
When you open the website of any leading search engine and type the term 'learn poker' in the space provided by the engine, you will find that there are numerous links available facing your eyes and you can choose what you want. One of the websites that we can suggest is and when you go to the website, it not only makes you learn the technique to play the game but also the strategies that you can use while playing.
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I play poker as I computing numbers in math. Poker is a math game, so know a little math knowledge will always help you in poker game.

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I Play poker with lot of excitement while Playing with Real cash money at pokabunga.Its very interesting game we can improve our skills.
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Well firstly poker is not a game, it's a group of games that all follow near enough the same betting structure, card ranking system and uses all 52 playing cards. To begin with the easiest poker game to learn first is probably 5 Card Draw, although Draw poker is not really that popular online anymore it has a slow pace for beginners and gets you used to learning the game and making up high ranking hands.

5 Card Draw is played by no more than eight players, due mostly to the fact that if all eight participants wish to draw more than three cards each, the dealer would run out of cards. After all, eight players with five cards each uses up forty cards from a fifty two card deck. It is possible to draw a straight, flush or a full house but usually in 5 Card Draw winning hands hold high pairs (1010,JJ,QQ,KK,AA), medium/high two pair hands, three of a kind or if you're luck is in the Holy Grail of poker hands - Four of a kind! As a reminder of the hand ranking system in poker I've inserted it below.

So lets get started. Each player puts in an 'ante' which is a small bet before the cards are dealt. An ante is usually 10% of the betting limit, so if you're playing a $5/$10 game then the ante for each player will b $1. The dealer deals one card face down to each eight players, and then again until all eight have five cards face down that only they can see.

After assessing their cards there is a round of betting, and the choice to fold, call or raise. After the bets have been placed the original ante and the bets are added to the pot. Each player can discard and draw up to three new cards if they wish or opt to 'stay' and keep their original hand. This is the only chance to 'draw' in 5 Card Draw (some variations of the game such as 2-7 Triple Draw allows you to draw new cards three times, however, by allowing this the true blood-and-guts spirit and do-or-die attitude of the game is lost).

There is now a final round of folding, betting and raising. If more than one player has called, then all players who are still in turn their cards over and the winner takes the pot.

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If you want to play poker, all you have to learn to do is to understand the cards, to understand the values of each of the cards, to know the language used by poker players, to bet smart and to learn some variations of the game of poker.

Poker is one of the most famous card games. It has the unique distinction of being one of the oldest, as well as one of the most popular, forms of gambling. If you are a novice at the game of poker, you are advised to try your hand at a game of five-card draw, which is also known as regular poker.

The numbered cards, that is the cards two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten of all the four suits in the deck, namely hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades carry the same values as the numbers on the cards. The jack of every suit is worth eleven points, the queen of every suit is worth twelve points and the king of every suit is worth thirteen points. However, the ace of every suit has a higher value than the king of every suit.
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Oh play the game governor poker and you will find out
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Poker is the family of card games which is a deck of 52 cards.
Some people says that it is the game of luck and some says it is a game of
skills and strategies. But according to me it is the game of skills. All the
time, luck will not work. If your skills are strong then definitely your
luck will work. Some people play poker for fun and some play to earn
money. But in both cases, the aim is to win. 

In poker
game, all the variants involve betting as an essential part of the game and
determine the winner by searching the particular combination of cards in each

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Stick to the basics, get experience playing and begin to learn how to read other players. Get confident in when to play and when not to play certain hands. Best of luck!

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Good day! I'm a big fan of poker and I have good experience in this game:) I can say that you can play poker on special platforms/apps like for example Full Tilt, or on casino websites(check for more details). Both variants are very simple, all you will need to do is to create an account and put money on your deposit. That's all! Good luck in your games!

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TigerGaming is a wonderful platform for playing the game for multiple formats, including Poker, slots and other games of chance. The website pays great attention to details and allows players to play the game luxuriously.

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