How Do You Get Chips On Full Tilt Poker?


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I just buy the chips from pokerstarsnow so I can play in the big tournaments!
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Well you can wait for your account to reload with small amounts or you can buy them. If you don't have a trusted site yet go here Thats where Ive been buying for a few months now, good prices
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There are two ways in which you can get additional chips if your balance of chips has fallen lower than one thousand chips. Firstly you can leave all your current games which means that you stand up from every money table you are seated at currently or clicking on the cashier window icon of "Reload Play Chips". There has to be a gap of around five minutes between every subsequent reloading of chips.

Every reload gets a person around a thousand play chips. A person can simultaneously be seated at four separate tables. In order to begin a game on the site a person has to choose the type of game they wish to play from a list of game types. The website address for fulltilt is and a FAQ section on the website addresses most if not all queries related to logging in and playing.
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All you need to do is go to Fulltiltpoker.comand go to their shop and order a set of customized poker chips. Unless you mean online chips, for that just put a deposit down and get chips to gamble with.

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