How Many Players Can Play Monopoly?


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Isn't it just like 2-8 players?
I thought it was
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Hello there
you can play 5 people in that game
I do no I did play with people
so I hop you have a good game of it
Thank you
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you can play as many people as there is game pieces dog hat thimble car horse ship iron and can't think of the last one can you?
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Monopoly is the most popular and largest selling board game in the world, till date around 750 million people have played it.

As the name suggests, players play to acquire more and more (fake) money and eventually to gain Monopoly (One seller who dominates the market).

Charles Darrow secured the patent for the game in the year of 1935. It is played by two to eight people, although the ideal number is six players. If there are more than six players, one will not get the opportunity to buy a substantial amount of property, and mey face bankruptcy soon into the game. With four or less players, the combinations regarding property ownership and smart trading will have lesser scope.

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