How To Build A Folding Poker Table?


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Measurement is the most important thing whenever building a poker table. Poker tables come in different measurements and designs. The poker table is made quite cheap. You can either make this at home all by yourself or order it from a game and sports shop. Here are some of the things you will require in building a folding poker table. You will need a padded railing, foam padding, plywood, billiard felt, staples, and adhesive tapes. You may also purchase a six foot folding table in case you don't want to build a table and cut it in half and rejoin it by applying screws. Carve the plywood and apply the billiard felt. Attach a wooden railing and cover it with the padding with the staples. Join the legs and attach adhesive tapes where necessary. And there you go your very own folding poker table.

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