I Have A 1948 Singer Sewing Machine In A Cabinet ,serial JC224666 What Is The Price Of It Today?


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You don't say what model this machine is.  However, none of the Singers made immediately after WWII have much if any value as collectibles.  It is still worth something as a sewing machine if it is in good working condition.  The value depends on how well maintained it is.
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Just go on line and get the phone number or the Singer Sewing Machine company and call them. Have your model number ready and they will tell you the value of your machine on today's market. I have my grandmother's singer and I called about it to see how old it was and what it's value is today. They even told me it's birthdate; 10 June 1910, my machine is 115 years old, but it still works well. They are very helpful and nice.

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