What Is The Value Of An Antique "White Rotary Electric" Sewing Machine? It Is In A Wooden Cabinet And In Excelent Condition With Original Manual And Guarantee Certificate. Model Number 43 Or 41.


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If you sell your White Rotary Electric Sowing Machine and the wooden cabinet together as one combined item, you should be looking to receive somewhere in the region of $150-$200 for them both. Without the cabinet, the machine would be worth a maximum of $100 with the guarantee certificate and instruction manual. It shouldn't have too much of a bearing on how much you can make from the sale of your machine if it's a 43 or 41 model, though; both varieties are similarly built and will be around the same age, meaning they are likely to earn similar sums of money when flogged.

If you do decide to sell your Antique sowing machine, avoid taking it to an appraiser at all costs. An appraiser is unlikely to value an item which is as common as the White Rotary Electric sower above $10-$20, so it's essential that you go elsewhere if you want to get a reasonable sum of money for the device. If you decide to sell it to a local antique shop, you should endeavor to look around as much as possible before choosing who to flog it to. This way, you can compare quotes and get a better idea of your machine's valuation before you part company with it.

You could also consider selling the machine on eBay where you're more likely to get competitive bids from different groups of people on it. Get someone you know to help you raise the bidding on your item to push its value upwards and get people more involved in the auctioning process. Set a minimum sale price to avoid losing any profits on the sale of your sower, and take as many photos as possible of the machine, cabinet and manuals to prove everything that's promised is included in the retail package. Always make everything look presentable and provide detailed information on the nature of the product so that the buyer feels suitably prepared to make an informed purchase decision.

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