Is A Climax Sewing Machine An Antique?


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The Climax sewing machine company was a sub company of the New Home Sewing Machine company of Chicago, Illinois.  They were manufactured from the Mid 19th to the early 20th Century.  Singer bought out New Home in the early 1920's.  All Singer parts E from the period should fit your machine.  Yes.  It is an Antique.  Look at it, for Heaven's sake.  Isn't is a work of art?  Sewing machines were once a status symbol and to own a Climax was one upping those that owned a Singer.  Compare it to Ford and Chevy.  You are a Ford man or a Chevy man?  Well, you were either a Singer woman or a New Home woman.  They were quite serious about their sewing machines at the time yours was manufactured.

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