I Need A Sewing Machine User Manual For An Industrial Yamata FY5318. The Manual That Comes With The Machine Is In An Asian Language. Can Anyone Help Me?


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cara romanowski answered
Most of the time for owners manuals you can do a Google search. Google the name and the model number and you should be able to download a manual for free. My husband has done this for a lot of electronics and items ha has purchased on e-bay that didn't come with one. Hope I could help out some and good luck.
SHARON RYAN answered
I have this sweet machine and the manual that is translated into English has a lost a lot during the translation.  If you like, I'll make you a copy for a very nominal fee.  It has without a doubt the most complicated thread path of all of there 14 machines I own.  Be sure you have come dental floss threaders on hand because, frankly, I don't any better way to get thread through some of the areas.  If you use a test piece of material and place it at the front of the presser foot and press the pedal even if it's not threaded.  If it doesn't pull your fabric in, then your feed dogs need adjusting (mostly likely by a competent repair person).  Call me if I can help 303-257-7344 Sharon

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