How Do I Thread A Stitch Sew Quick Handheld Sewing Machine?


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Your Singer Stitch Sew Quick hand held sewing machine should already come with your bobbins threaded and a threader, but if not here is a simple guide.

Find where the thread bobbin is supposed to go and place your bobbin on it, the thread must exit the rest of the spool clockwise, this is necessary to get correct or the thread will not unwind properly, then in turn tangle, and snap. Take the end of the thread and pull it towards the front of the machine, you will notice that there is a separate threader, place the end of the thread inside of this, if there is not. Locate the needle and thread through the eye.

A simple way to get the thread through easily is to wet the end of the thread in your mouth or with wet fingers, although try not to over saturate it or it will become difficult to work with. Fashion the end of the thread into a point and you will find it easier to glide through the needle, thread the needle from back to front. Leave at least three inches dangling free so it does not drift back through the needle or you will have to start the process again.

Turn the wheel at the side of the sewing machine until the needle is raised significantly, lift the presser foot and place the fabric underneath it.  The presser foot should have a spring, which will hold the fabric in place press the power and you are ready to go.

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