How Much Is My Antique Burdick Sewing Machine Worth?


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Antique sewing machines are not usually worth a great deal nowadays. This is because the technology is advancing and new and better models are being released all the time to replace antique ones. The only people who may wish to buy an antique sewing machine are collectors, and even these people may not pay a great deal for them.

The model number of your sewing machine will be able to help give you an indication of how much it is worth nowadays if you include it in any Google searches you conduct.

The condition that your machine is in will also give you a good indication as to how much it may be worth. Although your machine may not be worth a lot, if it is in near mind condition then this will help to boost the value. However, if you already know that the model of your machine is not worth a great deal, then the condition of the machine will not make a great deal of difference.

• Gather all the original parts of your sewing machine to see whether or not your set is complete. Ask yourself the following questions.
• If there were any accessories or attachments included, are they all still there, in working condition and in their original packaging?
• Are all parts of their sewing machine still working? Will you be able to sell it on with the original user manual?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes then this will greatly boost the value of your sewing machine, especially if it is already worth a great deal and in mint condition. In this case, you could be looking at a good bit of money.

Overall, antique sewing machines are not worth a great deal nowadays, but it you are lucky with the model that you own, you could own a small fortune just waiting to be discovered!

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