How Much Is My Singer 353 Genie Sewing Machine Worth? What Is The Value Of My Singer 353 Sewing Machine?


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Current, a Singer 353 Genie Sewing Machine, which is a vintage model created during the 1970's, retails for about six to seven hundred dollars. Occasionally, these vintage sewing devices show up at Internet auction websites, such as or Generally, there are also replacement parts for these old-fashioned sewing machines at the same websites. However, when you buy a sewing machine used off of the Internet, there can be drawbacks.

Drawbacks Of Buying A Sewing Machine Online

• One big problem with buying a sewing machine online is that there may not be a manual included for the make and model. Sometimes, learning all of the features and uses of a vintage sewing machine can be tough, if there are no written guidelines at all. While these machines are often simpler than today's computerized models, they still have features which may not be apparent without an instruction manual.
• In order to get a quality unit over the Internet, you must buy from a reputable seller. Checking feedback for eBay and other Internet auction sellers is really the best way to ensure a positive transaction, but there are really no foolproof guarantees. If you're lucky, you may be able to find a used sewing machine through a local classified ad services, such as Craigslist - in this case, it will be possible to check the unit out before you plunk down your hard-earned money

Making cool sewing projects with a vintage-era, antique sewing machine, such as the Singer Genie, can be very creative and fulfilling. While these machines don't run cheap, if they were well-maintained and gently used by their original owners, they should be sturdy and reliable. Finding sewing projects for your Singer Genie may be possible online, where some sewing fans have uploaded .pdf versions of old patterns from the 1970s.
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These are selling for about $22 on ebay as of august 2011> Previous answer must be from someone wanting to sell one and defraud you of $600.

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