What Is The Worth Of A 1930's Singer Sewing Machine?


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The value of a 1930s Singer sewing machine depends on a number of factors.

First - who are you selling it to? Items such as this one will hold a higher value with people who collect similar items. Often, a complete collection is worth more than the sum of its parts, and people will pay extortionate amounts for the final piece. With this in mind, you should note that it is unlikely to be sold to someone who is not an enthusiast for early Singer sewing machines, as more modern ones are probably going to be better at sewing clothes.

Second - what condition is it in? A pristine sewing machine will of course be worth considerably more than one that's got a few chunks missing! If you are planning on trying to sell it to an enthusiast and it has seen better days, it may be worth seeing if it can be restored, but you probably want to find out what your buyer will pay for it to judge whether the cost of repairs will be worth it in the long run.

Third - how much was it worth in the first place? It's not strictly true that a sewing machine worth a lot in the 1930s will be worth more now than one that was cheaper as collectors often care more for items that are rare as opposed to simply more expensive.

With these things in mind, it may be worth taking it to auctions that have similar items for sale, and also to an antique dealer - they are usually the best people at valuing these items. Take a look at sewing machine and see if you can find any marks that indicate what model it is. There were huge numbers of Singer sewing machines churned out in the 1930s, so it will be vital to know exactly what you have. As a rough guide, a number of similar sewing machines sold on eBay this year have gone for anything from £10 to £500!
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Impossible to say for sure without seeing it.... But unfortunately probably not very much. Almost all the Singers made in the 1930s were stamped out in terrific numbers.

If the machine is in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition (not just 'really good for its age') and you're located in the right place and it's the right model, it might have some collectors' value. More likely, its value is entirely either sentimental or the fact that it's probably still a very good sewing machine. Most of the Singers from this era are hard to give away for free even though they work perfectly and will sew virtually anything with no fuss. Sad, isn't it? :-(
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Take it to an antique dealer or two, and see what they say. It really is hard to say the value of something without seeing it first hand. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Value of singer sewing machine circa 1930's

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