Bought A Universal Sewing Machine Model AZZ Super Zigzag Need To Know How Old It Is, What It's Worth And Where To Buy A Manual For It?


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Loretta Silva-Duran , AZZ Super Zig Zag Sewing Machine, answered

Does anyone know where I can purchase a manual for a Universal Model AZZ Super Zig Zag sewing machine?

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I have a vintage .zig zag madel azz from japan works,and have the hard case plus the orgional manual,little worn on the manual any idea whats its worth?? in color all markings and emblems are perfect.. Thanks.. [email protected]
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I have one of these and still use it often.  It was my mom's and she had it since the late 60's at least.  I will check the serial number soon and it should have the year and month of production

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