I want to know of anyone that is intrested in buying a stradivaro sewing machine. It is old?


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From the way you have structured your question, it can be assumed that you have one of these sewing machines and want to sell it, or know someone that is selling one.

  • This model is not particularly old and is still on the market, so people may still want to buy one.
You could always put a card in the window or on the notice board of your local stores, advertising the fact that you have one of these  sewing machines and are willing to sell it. State the condition of the machine and any extras that may come with it. Name the price that you would be happy to sell it for, some are online for as little as $50, but the price very much depends on the model. Make sure you put all the details of the model that you have.

  • You could try advertising the appliance in specialist magazines or on sewing internet forums.
As this is rather a specialist item you may want to target your market. You could take out an advert in a magazine that specializes in embroidery. You could also search the internet for specialist sewing and embroidery websites and forums and ask if anyone is keen to buy one. www.quiltingboard.com is one such forum.

  • Online auction sites are also a great way of reaching a larger audience.
If someone is particularly keen on the machine you are selling then distance may not be an issue. You could put the machine on an internet auction site, such as Ebay and see if anyone makes a bid. If you set a reserve price you don't have to sell the machine for less than you are willing.

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