I Need A Dressmaker Sewing Machine Model S-2402 Manual And Does It Have Disk To Do Different Stiches?


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Lots of manuals are available online for free but it seems like your Dressmaker Sewing Machine Model S-2402 is one of the few manuals not readily available online.

Sewusa.com offers the following information from the manual for free:

  • How to wind the bobbin
  • How to thread the bobbin case
  • How to set the needle
  • How to thread the needle

Follow this link to sewusa.com to see the threading diagrams for your Dressmaker Model S-2402 sewing machine.

The bad news is, if you really need this manual you'll have to buy it - and it'll cost you $10.

The good news is that you can download it instantly to your computer after purchasing.

Buy it from sewingmachinemanual.net to get the full 40 page black and white manual in PDF, or buy from sewusa.com to get a hardcopy version sent to you in the mail.

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