How Do You Remove A 1970 Singer Futura Sewing Machine From A Cabinet Bought For It Around The Same Time 1970 The Machine Is Attached To 2 Hinges And Drops Down Into The Cabinet?


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I don't know what model sewing machine that you have but I have a futura 11 920 that drops down into the cabinet as you described. If it is the same, while the sewing machine is opened up (on top of the cabinet) reach into the cabinet from underneath. There should be a type of screw with a bit of a turn on it that goes into the casing of the bottom of the machine. There will be a "thing" to loosen or tighten this pin in the same area. As you loosen it the "screw" will drop away & you can now lift the machine up & out of the cabinet. Hope this helps. I'm going by memory as I haven't sewed on my machine for a few years now.

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