How Much Is My Princess Diana Stamps Worth?


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The value of your Princess Diana stamps depend on a lot of factors, with perforations, watermarks, colour, condition and place of origin all taken into account before a value can be established.  Even after this, there is no fixed value on stamps in this collection, as the value is only based on what a collector would be willing to pay for a stamp in mint or very good condition.

There are countless websites and stamp dealers worldwide that can help you find an answer to your question. You should get in contact with some of these people who will be more than prepared to help you out. It is worth shopping around for valuations though, and don’t take the first offer, as you could be selling yourself short. It is quite often the case that if you are selling stamps you will be lucky to get 75 per cent of the catalogue value unless you have very rare and valuable stamps.

When Diana stamps became available, millions were snapped up with one American even ordering a million of them to themselves. There are literally thousands of Diana stamps available to buy online alone, never mind private stamp dealers who don’t operate via the Internet.

For example on, there are 30 pages of Diana stamps for sale from every country you could think of, from Abkhazia to Turkmenistan. Most of the stamps are valued at less than £5, but there are exceptions with some of them worth 10 times that.

If you do get them properly valued by someone and they don’t turn out to be worth much it would still be worth keeping hold of them, as prices will naturally go up as time goes on. It is still less than 15 years since the death of Diana; this is a relatively short amount of time in the stamp-collecting world.
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