What's The Value President Lincoln 4c Us Postage Stamp Used?


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There are been several different 4c stamps issued with Abraham Lincoln's face on it, so you will need to find out exactly which kind of stamp you have in order to determine what its value might be.

The most common Lincoln stamp is red violet in color with perforations around the edges. This is known as Scott number 1036 and a stamp from the Liberty issue between 1954 and 1968.

This is a very common stamp and is valued between 32 and 35 cents used (55 cents to 75 cents unused). Unused stamps are always worth face value and can still be used for postage, whereas used stamps are less valuable and tend to be traded in bulk based on weight rather than individually.

A comprehensive list of Lincoln postage stamps can be viewed at www.usapostagestamps.com/search_result/all/lincoln/.

According to John E. Roper on the Answerbag.com website, the most valuable Lincoln stamps are the ones that were produced in the 1890s - they range from $4 to £6 for used stamps and from $50 to $150 for unused stamps.

If you are unable to identify which Lincoln stamp you have, you might find it worthwhile to take a photograph of it and then post it to an experts' website such as www.allexperts.com, where you might find someone who will be kind enough to advise you on exactly what you have and how much it might be worth.

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